BUSINESS ASSISTANCE LTD - A British Company that was incorporated in 1962 who have:

"An envied reputation for providing practical and cost effective solutions to Business Problems & Disputes"

Should you be contacting Business Assistance today.

Business Assistance Ltd can provide advice - for agreed fixed fees on:
  • Business start ups - support & creative criticisms.
  • Business evaluation & planning.
  • Pre-emptive remedies to litigation.

Business Assistance Ltd suggest resolutions should you have business problems with:
  • Commercial Landlords & Business tenants.
  • Shareholder & Partnership Conflicts.
  • Customers and bankers - challenging guarantees.

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You can Write to us:
Business Assistance Ltd
33 Botley Rd, Oxford. OX2 OBN ENGLAND

Business Assistance sees Visitors by appointment only.

You can Phone Business Assistance:
Phone:+44(0)1865 242292
You can Fax Business Assistance:
Fax:+44(0)1865 248482
(Business Assistance are open Mon-Fri 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. Closed Sat-Sun and public holidays).

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Business Assistance Ltd is a UK Registerd Company.
Incorporated London 26th October 1962 - Company Registration Number 738943.
Registered Office is located at 33 Botley Rd, Oxford, OX2 0BN, England.

    Business Assistance have over 45 years of business problems solving experience:
    • pinpoint dangers following our reading of your trading terms & conditions.
    • can point out the implications of wording in business leases
    • highlight sureties hidden expenses & pitfalls
    • handle negotiations enabling clients to remain incognito.
    • can be incognito ourselves - wording letters for you to send to third parties.
    Business Assistance have hands-on experience to give advice on:
    • arranging business acquisitions, mergers/disposals
    • corporate recovery/insolvency - creditor’s rights
    • directors responsibilities/protect personal assets

Business Assistance help clients to solve their business problems. They include:

PLC’s, Private Companies, all nationalities based both in the UK and abroad and range from millionaires to those considering filing for bankruptcy - without exception all are treated the same.

Business Assistance Ltd is now a small UK based company; having deregistered for VAT it undertakes, as a matter of policy, a much smaller workload in recent years. Although giving a warm welcome and a sympathetic ear to new clients whilst assisting them to overcome their current business problems, it mostly concentrates on offering a backup support to existing clientele who have been in contact with them over the many years the Company has been trading. Business Assistance Ltd's Clients being located from all over Britain and many from abroad.

Business Assistance Ltd has a proven track record for solving business problems; they have managed on several occasions to convince a bank that their bank guarantee is unenforceable and as a consequence have saved matrimonial homes. They have also advised on shareholder disputes, bankruptcy, insolvency, cash flow problems, having given constructive advice to creditors and debtors, they have been involved with planning applications and planning appeals, rent reviews, overdrafts, arbitration, unfair contracts, revealing flaws in contracts to provide exit routes, reading of plaintiff and defendant's documents to highlight inconsistences prior to court actions, advertising, marketing, distribution, printing and publishing.

Business Assistance Ltd have evaluated many business propositions and proffered advice for protecting business ideas. Past casework includes many Landlord/Tenant disputes having advised both Landlords, Tenants and Sureties on commercial property matters generally advising for which ever party contacted them first so not to have any conflict of interest. They have on numerous occasions been the behind the scenes strategic advisers offering incognito advice during negotiations for takeovers, mergers, diversifications, acquisitions and the disposal of business interests.

Business Assistance Ltd endeavours to offer clients top rated service for help with:
Business Solutions 5-STARS, for Business Problems 5-STARS and for Business Assistance 5-STARS.

A client asked us, after receiving a successful business consultation from us that resolved his business problems, to tell him what books he could read so that he could have our knowledge to hand when seeking business solutions to his future business problems. We told him that our source of knowledge is not gained from text books but from the university of live and our advice to him, when future business problems gets him down, is to read the poem IF by Rudyard Kipling - it has always inspired us when looking at business problems, helping us to strive to seek out the correct business solutions. Read it for yourself and make your own judgement!

Business Assistance Ltd endeavours to offer clients top rated service for help with:
Business Solutions 5-STARS, for Business Problems 5-STARS and for Business Assistance 5-STARS.

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